welcome friend / stranger !

est. 1999

⛧ madzzys/madi
⛧ they/she
⛧ autistic
⛧ nonbinary ace lesbian
⛧ artist / collector / semi voice impressionist

˗ˏˋ extra ˎˊ˗


super mario
rocko's modern life
⛤ videogames [indie and mainstream]
⛤ nicktoons
⛤ 90s/y2k aesthetic
⛤ music [90s alt rock, metal, hyperpop, idm, avant garde, 90s jungle/dnb, breakcore]
⛤ current hyperfixation: the amazing digital circus ⛤bold = special interest

my playlist of songs i love

madzzys.mp3 ⛤


i get shy when meeting new people, so don't be a asshole to me.i'm sensitive and have issues with controlling my emotions at times. i may act before i think accidentally, and i do overthink, but am trying not to at all times.don't mention/show self-harm/suicide, fetishes (like feet, inflation, that sort of shit), animal abuse, behind closed doors (spongebob), and ableism to me. not okay at all. put a tw (trigger warning) on them please!i get uncomfortable if i get called "hottie" or "sexy". i also don't like being called a "simp"...tone indicators are appreciated!


ablest, homophobic, transphobic, racist, incest, pedophile, proshipper, terf, crypto/nft bro, nsfw, dream/mcyt supporter, pro-life/anti-abortion, ai art believer, zionists

⛤ friends/besties⛤

☆ goonie, snoopy, kermit, meg, robbie, indie, chip, joanie, kao, beau, mx, joanie, jake, peyton, mercury, chiba, jaden, miku, shadow, midiy'all are awesome!!!